Identify risky customers to reduce your churn

We compute a health score for all of your customers, allowing you to focus your efforts on customers that matter.

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Increase your customer's retention to improve your revenue

Using Artificial Intelligence, we compute a health score for each of your customers.

The closer this score is to 0, the more likely the customer will churn in the following weeks/month. On the other hand, the closer it is to 100, the 'better' the customer is, meaning that you can try to sell him similar products or upgrade his subscriptions.
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Reach out to your customers before it's too late

With our health scoring, you can know which customers are at risk of churning. Take hold of this and reach out to them before it's too late.
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Fully integrated with Intercom

ChurnTarget is available on the Intercom's app store. In a few clicks, you can start using our app and focus your efforts on customers that really need it. Check the integration page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our solution is based on artificial intelligence and more particularly machine learning. Once you use our product, our algorithm parse your customer's information every time you want to run an analysis, looking for patterns in your previous churns. Doing this, a health score is computed for each of your clients. The closer this score is to 0, the more likely the customer will churn in the following weeks/month. The closer it is to 100, the better this customer is, meaning you can sell him similar products or attempt to upgrade his plan.

  • This is the focus point of our product. You can't actually know for sure which customers will churn. Our algorithm, based on statistics, provides potential churning customers with a health score. However, the algorithm we use is finely tuned, and will rarely alert you on customers that won't churn. We will detect a significant part of the churning customers (but not all) and will rarely say that a customer is at risk of churning if he's not. If you want more information about this, you can contact us.

  • Of course! First, you have to create an account, and wait for your information to be validated by our team. Once it's done, you can subscribe to a plan and you will have a free trial of 14 days. If you don't want to pay or don't have that many customers, you can still use our free plan forever!

  • Our product is fully integrated with Intercom. You can find us on the Intercom app store, by clicking here. After connecting to Intercom, go to your dashboard and click the "Analyze" button. That's it!

  • Your customers' data is processed by our server but will never be given to third parties. Concerning your privacy (and your customers'), we are GDPR compliant, even if your business is based outside of the EU. See our Privacy Policy page for more information. If at any point, you wish to cancel your subscription, you will have the option to delete all your customer's data from our server.

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