Identify risky customers
to reduce your churn

Focus your efforts on risky customers to reduce your churn effectively.

Focus your efforts on risky customers to reduce your churn

Make it easier for your customer success team by giving them users to focus on.

Increase your customer retention to improve your revenue

Using Artificial Intelligence, we compute a list of risky users. Those users are on the point of churning (in between 2 weeks and 2 months) and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

A small boost in customer retention can have a massive impact on your revenue in the following months.

ChurnTarget's plugin on Intercom

Reach out to your customers before it's too late

Using our list of risky users, your customer's success team can focus their effort on them. Talk to these users, find out what's wrong, and convince them to stay.

Increase your customers' lifetime value

Customers that are churning have a direct impact on your business with a loss of revenue. It is often easier and cheaper to retain current customers instead of acquiring new ones.

Available on the Intercom app store

Connect your Intercom account on ChurnTarget to profit from our full integration: automated data analysis and results uploaded to your Intercom platform. Check the integration page for more information.

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