A better way to reduce your churn

Get a weekly list of risky users to focus your efforts on to reduce your churn more effectively.

A machine learning model tailored around your data

When you create an account on ChurnTarget and link your business' data, one of our data scientists will work to create a custom model based on your business' specificities. We can also customize the model based on your demands (ie. specific features).

  • Daily data analysis

    Every day, your data and your customers' behaviors are being automatically analyzed and are being fed to your machine learning model.

  • Weekly list of risky users

    Every week, the model scores each of your customers and label a custom amount of them as 'risky', with regards to previous churned users' behavior.

  • GDPR compliant

    We are not storing any private information about your customers on our servers. We only save their user ID (depending on your integration) to identify them.

One-click integration

Link your Intercom account on ChurnTarget to benefit from our fully automated integration. Not using Intercom? Contact us, we are currently working on other integrations as well.

  • Just link your account

    After you linked your account, we created your model in under two weeks and you can begin to focus your efforts on risky users.

  • Results are uploaded on your platform

    Every time the model computes a new list of risky users, your platform is updated with the new labels so you can directly work from there.

Ready to take action on your churn rate?

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